SSL Routing and ITB Subgroup Mixing Question

I got a mixing question from @mixedbylain on Instagram about how I route on the SSL pictured here. 

This is my friend Alex Sterling's SSL Duality console with his subgroup routing marked 



GTRS (Guitars)

KEYS (Keyboards)

MISC (Any non-major instrument and percussion)

LVS (Lead Vocals)

BVS (Background Vocals)


 I route my ITB template in a similar fashion which I learned from Dave Pensado. There are few main reasons why I'm subgrouping this way. 


1.) Overall dynamics control to lift certain sections or lower them for a bridge breakdown. 

2.) Gain staging each main component of the mix. For example, you can get your levels quicker by adjusting the subgroups instead of going to each individual channel for quick access.

3.) Overall processing on the subgroups, I might add a distortion plugin like SansAmp to the Bass aux or some top end to the vocal aux

4.) It's easy to print stems, all you have to do is mute whichever subgroup to make the stems. For example, you can just mute the FX aux and print the lead vocals dry without any reverbs or delays. 


Remember, there are no rules! 

If I need to route all the 808s to their own aux, I will. This is just for speed, organization, and proper execution for mixes that need to be delivered on time!

I hope I answered your question and if anyone has any more mixing questions, free feel to comment me on Instagram @samsherbinmusic or email