Top Tier



of the highest level or quality.

"a top-tier medical school"


Top tier is the level of quality that clients expect, but that isn't always the case. After years of  working and visiting some incredible studios, I noticed that there was a huge difference in the quality and the overall studio environment. It was life changing to say the least. I believe that artists should experience a top tier studio. When I started, I could only afford a $30 Radioshack microphone. Then, I visited a friend's studio, they had a Neumann U87. It was the most expensive microphone, I've seen at that point. The quality was remarkable, and I got to record a few songs on that microphone. I never used that Radioshack mic again. I actually saved up for a Neumann mic and got it. Once you realize that quality matters, it helps dramatically in your perspective.

There is nothing wrong with home studios, or project studios. I have one myself! But the knowledge gained from being in real studios took my skills to the next level. I was wasting a lot of money buying the wrong gear.  Now, I'm not googling which converters to buy because I heard the best ones. Plus my skill set improved from seeing the musicians, engineers, and producers work.  Moreover, the studio helps you expand your horizons in meeting people you otherwise wouldn't. Quality music is an investment for yourself, it's all about you! That's what I mean about top tier, the highest quality of your vision possible. I want to help bring that vision to life.

Some of the amazing studios I've been honored to be in!

Precision Sound NYC

Studio La Fabrique - South Of France 

West Viking Studios  - Florida, USA