Weekend Update

It's been a long three days last week working at the studio. We are almost ready with Studio 1 B. The speaker configuration in the control room is incredible. Barefoot MM27s, B&W 805s and a mono Auratone. These selections all have different frequency responses to check recordings and mixes on. I'm super comfortable working on Barefoots and Auratones, since that is my setup at home. The B&Ws are the mid field monitors in the middle with the mahogany finish. It has a smooth midrange, thick low register and airy highs. 

My post about speaker recommendations have been well received! I'm glad that people are interested in them. There will be another recommendation post coming soon. Here is a hint below. 

Also shootouts to the Brewery Recording Studio in Brooklyn. They are one of the premiere studios in the city. I've been going there for years with artists to record. Andrew and Nick are great engineers!