Gear Talk - Sam Sherbin (Bricasti M7)

In this short video, I'm discussing the use of one of my favorite reverbs, Bricasti M7. One of the key features in the hardware is the early/late reflections mix. This setting helps back the source into the back of the mix. The ambience and large hall settings are go tos for me!


Q: How do you use the reverb?

A: I use the reverb from a send on the console or an aux in a hardware insert in Pro Tools. While the source is fully "wet" - I'll adjust the reverb time, the pre-delay to delay the reverb. Then, I'll adjust the settings from hall to ambience to make the reverb sit in the track.

Q: Why do you use this reverb?

A: I use the Bricasti because it has a certain character that spotlights the source. It's clear, high quality for vocals and any other instruments. For ballads or lush backgrounds I'm using the large hall, EQing the return for 80% of my vocal reverb sound.