Sterling Sound Session + BITROYD Photoshoot VLOG 04

This VLOG is a special one because I went back to my hometown in New Paltz, NY. I lived in New Paltz for over 8 years and made some lifelong friends there. My manager Adecka, and I drove from NYC for a photoshoot for BITROYD. BITROYD (Believe In The Reality Of Your Dreams) is a clothing company from Beyond The Buzzer. They showcase individuals working hard in their field and making continual progress. I've been working non-stop for seven years, and the progress is showing. Overnight success is rarely overnight. A lot of sleepless nights to become great.  Special thanks to Mack and Steph for making this happen! The photos are being edited as we speak, and they will be released soon.

Also, I went to Sterling Sound for a mastering session with Alex Psaroudakis. Alex's room at Sterling is one of the best sounding rooms I've ever heard. He does amazing work, very smooth, clear and punchy. The attention to detail is the upmost importance to me. Alex made small EQ changes to the mix and nothing more. Over the past few years, I've learned a lot from mastering engineers in attended sessions. Attended sessions for mastering is super important, because as a mixer you want to hear how the mix translates in their room. It helps you understand your mixing room when you come back with the masters. Thanks a lot for everyone who watched and subscribed to my YouTube channel.