Analog VS Digital Summing

I was talking to a colleague of mine about summing units! In the digital age, everyone is looking for that analogue character and punch. Personally, I use the Slate VCC Mix Buss on my 2 track on the SSL E series setting. I rarely change the settings which is default and I let that setting clip when it can. That's apart of driving the consoles hotter. You get that nonlinear distortion that sounds great in certain consoles i.e. SSL E/G series, Neves, APIs etc

Pro Tools in itself sounds incredible, I haven't upgraded to Pro Tools 12 yet. I heard it's the best sounding version yet. There isn't a need in my opinion, to have a clean summing unit. You want color and vibe on the tracks. Like the Neve summing unit or the Chandler summing mixer. That makes a huge difference to ITB mixes and productions. There is no reason to debate back and forth. Digital is incredible and so is analog. Use your tools and make music!