Remote Mixing


Remote mixing is an extremely popular option for clients. Sam receives the files, mixes it at his private studio, and sends back the final product to the client. "This is a great way of working because the client gets mix back on their time,  no matter where they are in the world, and it's a faster process." Sam utilizes the latest technology and plugins to bring the songs to life. The Softube Console One is the central piece with SSL modeling. Waves, Soundtoys, Plugin Alliance, Softube, McDSP are among the selected tools chosen by Sam. "Since I'm working all across different genres, I love to use musical equipment." Along with a world class ITB mixing environment. Sam has world class monitors and DAC, Ocean Way Pro2As known for their incredible low end response and clarity and a Dangerous Source, mastering grade DAC. "I playback mixes on different monitors, I have Auratones as well to check the mixes to see how it will translate in different environments."

Monitoring: Ocean Way Pro2As, Auratone 5Cs

Softube Console One hardware interface

Dangerous Source D/A Convertor

TC Electronic Clarity M

Plugins: Waves, Softube, Plugin Alliance, McDSP, Metric Halo, Fabfilter, Valhalla, and many more.